Schloss Schönbrunn

One of the biggest palaces I’ve ever seen!

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The palace, located in Hietzing, Vienna, was the summer residence of the Habsburg monarchs and rulers.
With 1,441 rooms and extremely big gardens, it is probably the biggest palace I’ve ever seen.

Photo 1

The main gates of the palace. The sign reads “Bundesgarten Schlosspark Schönbrunn”, which roughly means “Federal Garden Park of Palace Schönbrunn”

Photo 2

Back facade of the palace. In front of the facade, the gardens extend for 1,2 km.

Photo 3

These gazebo-like structures are present throughout the gardens.

Photo 4

Gazebo-like structure #2

Photo 5

At the end of the gardens there is the “Neptune Fountain”. In this photo you can make out the shape of the “Gloriette”. Statues are present along the edges and throughout the garden.

Photo 6

Zoom of the Gloriette and Neptune Fountain.

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