Schloss Belvedere

The beautiful Belvedere Palace in Vienna

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Belvedere Palace isn’t just a single palace: it is in fact a building complex of two palaces – the “Upper” and “Lower” Belvedere.

The complex was built as the summer residence of the prince of the Holy Roman Empire and Archduchy of Austria, Eugene of Savoy.

Photo 1

The location is a famous tourist spot. It’s difficult to find one who visited Vienna without stopping by Belvedere Palace!

Photo 2

The front of the palace is decorated with a large pool of water

Photo 3

The facade of the palace.

Photo 4

The gardens in the back of the palace.

Photo 5

The view from the garden is majestic, and you can see a large portion of the city.
The tall structure visible from the picture is the bell tower of St. Stephen’s

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