Mauthausen Concentration Camp

Pictures of the concentration and extermination camp, active between 1938 and 1945.

Entering the camp

The front gate depicting the date of the outbreak of the Soviet German war and its liberation
Guard tower and shacks (left) where inmates lived

The shacks

Inmates lived in dis humane condition in those shacks. One shack could contain a vast amount of people, making the hygienic conditions very poor.

The bathrooms

The sinks where inmates would occasionally rinse themselves
The actual toilets. Inmates would stand in front of those wooden planks and use them as toilets. They are built at an angle, meaning that whatever excrement would fall inside the central hole.

The gas chambers

Piping system to convey the poisonous gasses to the room
Oven used to burn the chemicals to make the poisonous gasses
An eerie door leading to the chambers. It says: “W√§scherei desinfektion, einhitt verhalten!“, meaning “Shower disinfection, stop behaving!”
Another oven used to poison the fumes.

The crematoriums

Lots of pictures and memories from those who perished in the camp.
The back of the ovens where Nazis would burn their victims.
The front of the ovens
The “stairs of death”. Inmates were forced to work and do useless labor, such as working in this quarry. Inmates were forced to lift a big heavy rock and carry it on top of the stairs. It’s needless to say that many perished in that place, falling to their deaths.


Just after the crematoriums, there is a room filled of lines, emanating white light. For a second, I didn’t think much of it, but by coming closer, I could see that these white lines where in fact names. Names of those who perished in the camp.
Bulgarian (?) memorial site
Italian memorial site. It reads: “For the Italian people, whom suffered and perished here for the dignity of men

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