Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

Pictures of the Egyptian history collection of the museum

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The Kunsthistorisches Museum is the museum of “Fine Arts” in Vienna.
Even though the museum’s primary collections are Haubsburg art pieces, the museum features an extensive Egyptian art and antiques collection.

Photo 1

The facade of the museum. Opened in 1891, the museum resembles in shape to another Viennese museum, the museum of Natural History (Naturhistorisches Museum).

Photo 2

Pictures on the doors of the building. The museum’s primary collections are of artistic nature.

Photo 3

The main room of the exhibition. It really felt like I was in an ancient Egyptian temple!

Photo 4

Sarcophagus covers and canopic jars.

Photo 5

The side of a huge pillar. After all those millennia the hieroglyphics are still visible and clear enough to be read.

Photo 6

Another angle of the sarcophagus and canopic jars exhibition

Photo 7

Canopic jars where used to store organs of defunct pharaohs and rulers. Organs where removed from the body during the embalming process. In my opinion, the brain was removed in the most gruesome way: embalming “technicians” pulled it out through a nostril using a long stick ending with a hook. Yikes!

Photo 8

A mummy. Interesting to see how ancient Egyptians drew on top of the bandages.

Photo 8

A broken sarcophagus reveling the mummy inside. Here you can see the (probably) wooden mask the mummy is wearing.

Photo 9

A huge stone sarcophagus. It’s highly decorated with hieroglyphs.

Photo 10

Another sarcophagus cover. It must have belonged to an important person.

Photo 11

Funerary masks. Those masks where worn by mummies to protect and hide their face. It must also have a religious aspect to it.

Photo 12

Bones of unnamed people. What struck me was how well preserved they were.

Photo 13

Depictions on stone. To me, it seems portraying a scene of the weighing of materials or food.

Photo 14

Another stone carved sarcophagus.

Photo 15

A model representation of the Giza pyramid complex or the Giza Necropolis.

What a great museum the Kunsthistorisches Museum is! Definitely a place to visit whenever in Wien.

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