How to disable mouse acceleration on Apple’s Magic Mouse (macOS)

I’m a Mac user and use Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 for my daily computing activities. I love it because it’s able to achieve so much (gesture wise) on a compact form and elegant design. As beautiful as it is though, I have got to say that it has some weak points too.

One of those weak points is the acceleration the pointer has: I own a Logitech G502 gaming mouse too, but I noticed that it doesn’t suffer the same problem, so that lead me to believe it’s a unique issue with the Magic Mouse.

After a bit of research I found out that a big part of the problem was due to the acceleration the pointer has IF macOS detect that the mouse is a Magic Mouse (this explains why the Logitech mouse is fine).

I run macOS Catalina, and to my surprise I found out that Apple removed the setting in the Settings app to disable mouse acceleration. On previous version of the OS (i.e. OS X Lion) this was solvable by simply unticking a checkbox.

The solution

Open the Terminal app and type the following to disable mouse acceleration:

defaults write .GlobalPreferences -1

to enable mouse acceleration back, just type “1” instead of “-1” at the end of the terminal command, like so:

defaults write .GlobalPreferences 1


After a while using this solution – and after I got used to it – I was able to better compare it with the default mouse acceleration on the Magic Mouse, and I’m not sure it’s a lot better.

After using Windows for a week and then back to the Mac, I understood the point of the Magic Mouse. On Windows the cursor always covers the same amount of ground, no matter if you move it slow or fast. On the other hand, on the Mac you can chose to cover little ground by moving the mouse more slowly, thus better controlling the movements of the cursor.

I know that this may sound (even) stupid, because that’s the definition of mouse acceleration. I went from hating the way macOS handles it to almost liking it. Let’s say it’s something to get used to (even though I’ve been using it for years!), and for me the switch happened when I realized the purpose of making it this way.


  1. I think that’s not what happens with magic mouse. Isn’t about lack of acceleration on windows, is just a bad design. If you plug any other mouse, let’s say a microsoft one, osx manage it like a charm. Acceleration works as expected. But when you connect magic, that changes completelly and you need to make big hand movements. People usually look for increase acceleration, then you can cross the whole screen on a simple move. But then is really, really hard to click your target, because when you are there it becomes super slow.
    Is like there are two acceleration values, and you just can adjust one.
    I insist, is a problem with apple mouses, they are BAD. Any other mouse works great.

    • Thank you for commenting! You’re probably right, the problem might just be derived from bad design. I go from periods of only using the Magic Mouse to periods of only using my other mouse, the Logitech 502. With a faster mouse the Mac feels faster and more responsive… it’s a strange thing to explain.

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