Duolingo German – 90 Day Challenge

Many of you know the famous website and app Duolingo, used by millions of people each year to learn new languages and to train in the ones already known.

The “Duolingo 90-day Challenge” is, as the name suggests, a challenge in which a user uses Duolingo every day for 90 days. The purpose of the challenge is to complete the “language tree” of the language you’re trying to learn.

My 90 day challenge started 14 December 2019. I’ll be committed to complete it.

If you don’t know, Duolingo is structured in lessons or topics. A language tree is composed of a large ordered group of topics. To complete the language tree then, you have to complete every topic of that language.

The beginning of the Duolingo German tree. You can go through a topic more than one time, hence the little number inside the crown at the bottom right of each of them.

The difficult part is that in the tree for the German language there are more than 90 topics, so I’ll have to complete more than one each day.

In addition to Duolingo, I’ll be using more tools to learn the language, i.e. Deutsche Welle, a news site that offers global news in German.

At the end of the 90 days I shall report back on my progress in learning the German language: was it helpful? Did I learn something? Will I be able to understand a bit more written or spoken German?

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