How to disable the Full Screen button with SwiftUI

In macOS, the full screen button is that green circle button in the menu bar, able to maximise a window to full screen.

But what if we are making an app where this feature would be pointless, or even ugly?
There is already an app made by Apple that has this feature disabled: I’m talking about System Preferences.

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How to create a sidebar to switch views in SwiftUI

This project will consist of our standard ContentView, a view we’ll create for the sidebar and as many views as the sidebar items (to keep things tidy).

Let’s start by creating the sidebar view. The sidebar will be made by creating a List and adding as many NavigationLink structures as we need.

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Apple Silicon and the first redesigned iMac… when?

As all of you know, this year’s (2020) WWDC unveiled Apple Silicon and macOS 11 Big Sur.

Upon seeing Big Sur for the first time, a large variety of users screamed for the future merging of iPadOS and macOS – a very improbable thing – and a future touch screen iMac. Here’s why we won’t see those two things any time soon (if ever).

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How to disable mouse acceleration on Apple’s Magic Mouse (macOS)

I’m a Mac user and use Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 for my daily computing activities. I love it because it’s able to achieve so much (gesture wise) on a compact form and elegant design. As beautiful as it is though, I have got to say that it has some weak points too.

One of those weak points is the acceleration the pointer has: I own a Logitech G502 gaming mouse too, but I noticed that it doesn’t suffer the same problem, so that lead me to believe it’s a unique issue with the Magic Mouse.

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