Marco Matta

Marco Matta is a linguistics, astronomy enthusiast, currently residing in Veneto, Italy, with a computer science background.


Always interested in computing, Marco attended a 5 year high school called I.T.I.S.: “V. E. Marzotto” in Valdagno, Italy.

The school curriculum was highly technical and focused on Computer Science and Telecommunications.

There, Marco learned not only how to develop software for computers and website, but also how to create and administer a small to mid size network.


In 2016, during his 4th year of school, Marco attended a year long study course on CISCO technologies. At the end of the study program, Marco took an exam, granting him the status of Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Work experience

Marco’s first work experience was in the form of an internship at Generali Italy – an insurance company – which only lasted for about a month and was done during the summer year between Marco’s 4th and 5th year of high school.

During the internship experience, Marco had the opportunity to practice what he learned at school for the first time.

“Full-on” work experience started when Marco finished high school and lasted for almost two years.

Relationship with languages

Marco always loved learning new languages and being exposed to foreign cultures.

For Marco, the language learning process starts after being exposed to an interesting foreign culture, or country.

During the years, Marco began learning many different languages, including English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Esperanto, …
Although he is only fluent in English, he plans in becoming fluent in Spanish too in the near future.

This year, he moved for a month to the UK. Due to an unfortunate event, he had to come back to Italy and re-settle in his home town.

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