Apple Silicon and the first redesigned iMac… when?

As all of you know, this year’s (2020) WWDC unveiled Apple Silicon and macOS 11 Big Sur.

Upon seeing Big Sur for the first time, a large variety of users screamed for the future merging of iPadOS and macOS – a very improbable thing – and a future touch screen iMac. Here’s why we won’t see those two things any time soon (if ever).

Design Language

With Big Sur, Apple adopted many of the design features of iPadOS and iOS such as very rounded window corners, overall bigger controls, Control Center with widgets, and icons that resemble those we already see in iOS, just to name a few.

What is Apple doing? Planning on a new touch screen iMac?

The answer is NO.

If people were smart enough to actually listen, instead of jumping to conclusions, the debate wouldn’t even have to take place.

Basically Apple is unifying the design language on all of their devices, so that users may have a more consistent experience. Even someone who never used macOS would know it’s something from Apple just by looking at it.

The case for a touch screen Mac

Those who make the case for a touch screen Mac, clearly haven’t been around enough to know what’s Apple’s philosophy on the matter, or maybe simply decide to ignore it.

Steve Jobs himself once said that the company will never make a touch screen Mac. iPad and iPhone are excellent platforms for a touch screen, since you hold them with your hands. But touch screen on a Mac, wouldn’t make much sense.

Touch screen Macs are just too inconvenient, and here is a short list why Apple would never make such products:

  • The screen is often too far away to reach (on an iMacs at least), and the touch screen would be unused by the majority of users.
  • Finger marks
  • When would you feel the need for touching the screen? Not a good user experience overall.
  • User testing revealed that it doesn’t work. “Touch surfaces don’t wan’t to be vertical”

Why are there no new Apple Silicon Macs this year?

The answer may be as simple as “coronavirus”.

As we know the infamous virus has slowed down pretty much everything, so it’s not a long shot to say that we won’t get new Apple Silicon Macs this year for that reason.

One thing that we know it that the next Macs to be released, that is at the end of the year, will be Intel Macs.
According to Apple, it’s always a good time to buy Macs (of course), and Intel Macs will be supported for many years to come.

Another reason might be Apple wanting to postpone the release until there will be audience in the Steve Jobs Theater. Presentation matters too.

The rumored redesigned iMac… when?

In my opinion, the new – and the first – Apple Silicon Macs will be redesigned, so the answer to that question would be next year.

The probability that Apple releases something this big without an “audienced” WWDC are very little to none.

In my opinion (again), the new iMacs will look like big iPad Pros on a stand, with round cornered displays to make use of the more rounder UI – and the fact that Apple is unifying its UI language design might as well mean that they’re unifying their hardware design language design too.

Image by MacRumors

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