Culture Shock! Recycling in England

Disclaimer: Recycling may vary throughout the country. What I write about comes exclusively by my personal experience.

During my stay in the South of England, I became acquainted with the experience of recycling, which shocked me because it’s something that we do very differently here in Italy.

For a start, I’d like to talk about what the British actually recycle versus what we do.

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Duolingo German

Duolingo German – 90 Day Challenge

Many of you know the famous website and app Duolingo, used by millions of people each year to learn new languages and to train in the ones already known.

The “Duolingo 90-day Challenge” is, as the name suggests, a challenge in which a user uses Duolingo every day for 90 days. The purpose of the challenge is to complete the “language tree” of the language you’re trying to learn.

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