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My name is Marco Matta and I'm a software and web developer.
I studied IT and Computer Science at I.T.I.S. "V. E. Marzotto" in Valdagno (VI), Italy.

Spoken languages

I can fluently speak Italian and English.
In 2016 I achieved level B2 in the "Cambridge English Level 1 Certificate in ESOL International (First)", reaching 185/200 in the spoken section of the test. Since then I would say that I perfected myself even more, since I regularly talk in English with Americans and British people.

Areas of interest

Being a software developer, I obviously take interest in IT and everything technology related.
Previously I worked on website development (from the ground up, front-end and back-end), ERP software maintenance, webapp development and 3D graphics development.

Currently working on

I'm currently developing a 3D graphic engine in C++ for a project involving geography calculations.


In my spare time I practice Shodō, otherwise known as Japanese calligraphy.
I also enjoy working on my personal projects, reading, practicing the keyboard and doing amateur astronomy.